Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to create value for customers and achieve operational excellence by harnessing the expertise of our highly skilled logistics teams, creating a culture of health, safety and environmental stewardship, and emphasizing integrity, teamwork, innovation, and resourcefulness.

Our Values - The 7 Pillars of Success

Our values guide us on our mission.  At Bridger, we refer to our values as the “7 Pillars of Success."

New Seven Image1. Safety - We place the utmost importance on the well-being of our employees, the environment, and the communities in which we do business, going above and beyond the measures necessary to ensure their continued safety and health.

2. Integrity - We are guided by a firmness of character, both collectively and individually, that inspires truthfulness in all of our activities.

3. Teamwork - We treat all team members with the highest level of respect, and understand that the efforts and talents of our team equal more than the sum of its parts.  We place the highest value on our responsibilities toward each other and our customers.

4. Innovation - We approach every problem and solution with a fresh perspective.  We are not bound by what we already know, but instead are driven to explore the realm of ideas beyond our own expertise and industry.

5. Excellence - We demand nothing less than the best performance from ourselves and each other, paying close attention to detail at all times and following through on our commitments.

6. Diligence - We tackle every challenge promptly and with a determination to work hard and persist until we have developed a solution that exceeds our own standards and those of our customers.

7. Loyalty - We stay true to the relationships we build and the commitments we make to our customers and each other, acting with honesty and dependability.